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Partnership. Advocacy. Connection. Education.

We attract, support, and grow businesses through Partnership, Advocacy, Connection, and Education.

    Founded in 1929, the Van Chamber of Commerce serves the greater Van Area through its business community and all who work together to ensure that the best interests of the community, coupled with the most ethical standards of work and employment, are held to the highest level. Civic-minded individuals work in a variety of fields, support numerous charitable endeavors, and encourage the development of leadership for future generations.


Photo by Emily McMillan


Thank you!

Van Area Chamber Board

2023 - 2025

President: Patricia (Pat) Valentine

Vice President: Mike Bowers

Secretary: Patience McGuffey

Treasurer: Katie Hyepock

Member at Large: Peter Koontz

Member at Large: Lupita Bolanos

Member at Large: Kathy Adkins

Member at Large:  Lisa Gonzalez

Member at Large: Danny Hyepock



WAYS YOU CAN become a member or contact us


Simply Download and Print an application.  Bring it by the office or by mail . 

Or click on Membership Drive below.  Follow the information and simply scroll to the bottom of the Membership Drive page to the Pay button

In Person

Come on in!

We would love

to meet you.

Office hours are:

Monday, Wednesday &  Thursday

9 am - noon

Over the Phone

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speak with you.

Office hours are:


Wednesday - Thursday

9 am - noon

(Answering machine. Your call will be returned next business day)

By Email

Email is the quickest 

way to contact us since we are not in the office for long periods of time.

We would love to hear from you


Membership Fees




1-5 Employees



6-10 Employees



11-15 Employees



16 + Employees


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